Haphazard (2016)

‘Haphazard’ (2016) is a 3 dimensional multifaceted paper cut structure. Each layer is cut from white cartridge paper, and has sewing and embroidery in various colours of cotton and polyester threads. The white paper symbolises purity and perfection. The various coloured cotton and polyester threads symbolise many concepts and feelings including; energy, growth, serenity, tranquillity, creativity and happiness. In some cut outs, circular shapes are suspended using stitches and sewing in white cotton thread. The process of creating the work was whimsical in itself. This is because the cutting of the circles and the sewing and embroidery component was completely haphazard, irrational, unplanned and random.

renee riotto haphazard paper cutting art

The base of the artwork is made from 1.2cm thick Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF), 50cm x 80cm. To cut the MDF, a jigsaw was used. Then using sand paper the edges of the MDF was made smooth. The MDF was covered with a layer of white cartridge paper. The following 4 layers of paper were also made from white cartridge paper, and have circular cut outs, completed using a paper cutting knife  on a self healing cutting mat. The layers of paper are separated and supported using 5cm long wooden craft sticks at random positions around the outer edges of the paper layers, attached using PVA wood glue. The sewing and embroidery patterns are on all layers of paper, including the base which has no cut outs. The sewing and embroidery was undertaken using a standard sewing needle and various colours of cotton and polyester thread.

renee riotto haphazard paper cutting

This artwork was modified on the base layers. The sewing on the base layer of the artwork is in white cotton thread only, and has no circular patterns, but instead angular geometric lines of thread converging to various points in the centre. All the lines of thread in the artwork are straight and angular, which directly contrast with the rhythmic waves of the paper layers and circular cut outs. This juxtaposition creates a unique aesthetic and distinctive style in the work.

renee riotto paper cutting haphazard sculpture

The work was presented in two different ways, depending on the exhibition space in which it is presented. Is the work is placed on a table where the viewer can walk all the way around it, the intended presentation is laid flat on a white cloth. If the work is to be presented against a wall, it is to be angled upwards using wood. This is to allow the viewer to see as much of the work as possible.

The artwork was completed for VCE Studio Arts Unit 4 Folio.

renee riotto paper cutting sewing haphazard

The artwork is available for exhibition upon request. If interested, please enquire.


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