Listening to more than sound

MCC Art Competition 2017

Theme : ‘Listen with the ear of your heart’

renee riotto art paper cutting soft pastel watercolour girl face listening to more than sound

For the Mater Christi College Art Competition I created a multifaceted mix media artwork. On watercolour paper, is a vibrant floral watercolour base, which includes further detail and textures illustrated using soft pastels. Upon the base, is black layers of paper cut abstractions, that mimic both floral patterns and sound waves.

renee riotto paper cut watercolour painting drawing soft pastel listening to more than sound ear your heart

The paper cut face and ear emerge from the vivid arrangement, but are also constricted and laced with its fullness. The face is also watercolour and soft pastel on watercolour paper.

My work is called ‘Listening to more than sound’, which encompasses listening as more than just the sense of hearing. Listening involves understanding and considering of the relevance of words, and how these words add something to what we do.

renee riotto watercolour soft pastel face listening ear heart girl


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