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Hi there, my name is Renee Riotto.

I am an emerging artist, designer and photographer based in Melbourne.renee riotto self portrait photo black and white

I love a range of different forms including drawing, painting, paper cutting, installation, photography, sewing and digital illustration.

Many of my artworks explore a theme of whimsicality, allowing people to open their minds and live in their imagination. The goal that is pursued from viewing artworks, is not necessarily understanding, but considering. The more people can open their minds to accept, process and envision new possibilities, ideas and concepts; the more art will be understood.


I’ve been lucky enough to have my work in a number of exhibitions, and hope to be a part of more in the future.

For commissions or enquiries please contact me using the email address below or by going through the contact page.

E-mail : reneeriotto.art@gmail.com